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For intermediate/advanced instruction I stress a combination of rudiments, reading and basic groove genres: swing (big band and small ensembles), rock, pop. funk, classical repertoire, latin grooves (ie. bossa nova, samba, gaita (Venezuelan), Afro-Cuban 12/8, ballad playing and use of brushes and jazz waltz. My methodology is a combination of my mentors, Vic Firth and Alan Dawson.  Books used: Stick Control, Syncopation, The Art of Bop Drumming/J. Riley, Studio Funk Drumming/Farris.



For intermediate/advanced instruction I use techniques and methods from my mentor, Charlie Banacos. We cover: blues, voicings (both hands, Double lead, drop two, drop four, left hand only, improvisation exercises, 47 pentatonic scales studies, harmony (substitute harmony concepts and ear training. While we do this we are learning tunes from the American Songbook. For apps I use Better Ears and  iRealBook.

Online drums and piano lessons available via Zoom.

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Los Angeles, CA

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